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Six more old newsletters from the first half of 2019 are added to the Veterans League pages today. A sample of the contents of each issue are listed below for you to go to any point in the history of the league that you care to revisit or why not take your time and work through them all.

January 2019 (5 pages) - details were unveiled of a proposal to amend the Starred Bowler rules to restrict its impact to just bowlers playing in Sections 1 and 2; planning continued for the 50th Anniversary season; a long list of new bowler registrations and a fair number of transfers as well; news of two new team applications and three more in the pipeline and Allan Dobson recalls how he first became interested in becoming a referee and the process to achieving that.

February 2019 (8 pages) - 10 new team applications had been received for the coming season taking the total to 94 a new record; the website reported over 108,000 visitors for 2018 another new record and news of a new Over-70s Pairs competition for 2019 was announced.

March 2019 (13 pages) - Dougie Mellor was the focus of the 'My Bowling Life' feature; full report on the outcomes from the League's AGM; Allan Dobson became the Interim General Secretary; Treasurer Alan Stephenson was congratulated on becoming the President of the Yorkshire CCGBA; two new Inter-District team captains were unveiled and all the opening round draws for the team KO competitions were revealed.

April 2019 (17 pages) - team-by-team preview of all 94 teams in the League; all the bowler transfers and new registrations; a total prize fund of over £3,500 was outlined covering all the league, team and individual KO competition winners and a raft of new sponsors were announced.

May 2019 (4 pages) - introducing the new Inter-District captains and the team's fixture programme; more plans for the 50th Anniversary celebrations and the Patron scheme takes off; full details of all the six Individual and Pairs KO competitions.

June 2019 (12 pages) - three opening wins for the Inter-District side; opening round results from all the Individual and Pairs KO competitions and the disciplinary action taken against an under-age bowler playing six matches for one of our teams.

That takes the total of newsletters online up to 30 with more to add over the coming weeks. All 30 are now online for you to browse at your leisure, just follow the link below to see them all.

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