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Mirfield Pairs passes 50 entries

League News

Entries have now closed for the Dougie Mellor Mirfield Pairs KO and just before the closing time there were 52 pairs entered.

Qualifying rounds to be played on Tuesday 6th September (6.45pm scratch)

Final 16 Pairs - Sunday 18th September (10.30am) at Thornhill C&B

52 Entries

Terry Brook Danny Radcliffe

Kevin Siddle James Cosgrove

Ross Mallinson Matthew Richardson

Anthony Crawley Gareth Metcalf

Danny Teale Damo Jones

Kez Smith Liam Griffin

Callum Wadsworth Richard Quarmby

Stuart Thompson Paul Mottram

Mick Robinson Aidy Leach

Stuart Johnson Jason Townsend

Kristian Walder Tony Green

Adrian Frain Grant Richardson

Danny Kilburn Harry Lumb

Wayne Hirst Tom Hirst

John Leach Darren Hickey

Ryan Mitchell Andy Mitchell

Mark Thompson Gary Mountain

Ian Dowle Nigel McDermott

Garry Senior Tony Butterfield

Mark Rushworth John Rushworth

Harrison Messenger Marcus Leach

Tom Kaye Tom Gledhill

Matty Whitehead Matt Hollingworth

Christopher Davies Andrew Sykes

Finley Hickey Simon Anderson

Adam Ward Mark Dobson

Chris Mordue Stuart Hanson

Graham Hickey David Scott

Mike Sweeney Stuart King

Wayne Moseley Liam Fallas

Richard Toulson Andy Robinson

Robert Parker John Pejica

Dean Shaw Steven Shaw

Adrian Frain Grant Richardson

Stuart Thompson Andrew Webb

Noel Whitaker Mel Whitaker

Robert Dunford Nigel Miller

Chris Nuttall Josh Dunford

Stuart Daniel Ben Sweeney

Sam Beresford Graeme Eyre

Gary Siswick Mark Atkinson

Nathan Haigh Steven Haigh

Graham Kirkaldy Paul Hawes

Tom Hanson Dave Upton

Alex Wolfenden Charlie Ripley

Jack Dyson Robert Hitchen

Jordan Clayton Ian McKenzie

Jamie Hulley Jake Dearden

Norman Booth Ron Jepson

Kristian Walder Tony Green

Paul Wilczynski Mark Regan

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