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Milnsbridge Friday League

Bowling News

The new Milnsbridge Friday League consists of eight 4-person teams playing in one league over the winter months. Initially a singles competition with the latest League Table here.

Ian Briggs is the main driving force for the competition and he looks back on his introduction to bowling some 40 years ago.

Following on from our conversation on Wednesday, it got me thinking about some advice I was given from the great bowler Roy Armson, after bowling against him in a tournament nearly 40 years ago. I'd not bowled long so I was interested in anything he could pass on to me. two things have stuck with me. Firstly always be professionally prepared, and the other is always watch what the best players do throughout their games..For example shot selection, playing the percentage bowl etc. so this brings me to my point. On Friday i was watching Robert Hitchen playing all the right shots and percentage bowls, and winning. so my main point is, anyone who is looking to improve their game, come down to Milnsbridge BC on a Friday and watch some masters of the game, apply their skills

You can watch Bob Hitchen bowling every week in the Milnsbridge Friday League starting at 11am. Bob is playing for Elland WMC and as Ian says you can learn a lot from watching a true master of the sport. No one is better qualified than Bob to learn from. He has played more matches (166) for Yorkshire than any other bowler; winning more (103) times than any other bowler; over a longer time period (44 years) than any other bowler.


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