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Marsh United £2200 KO Competition

The 2nd round of qualifying contenders for the Marsh United £2200 KO competition was staged last night and saw George Turton of Lindley BC go through to Finals Day after a 21-18 win over Graeme Wilson. George joins Gary Siswick of Crosland Moor who was the first qualifier from last week's qualifying round. Another round takes place next Saturday evening starting at 6.30pm

First Round Josh Thomas 21 Terry Brook 10 Graeme Wilson 21 Gareth Metcalf 10 Danny Sillitoe 21 James Martin 18 George Turton 21 Ashley Tattersley 12

Second Round Graeme Wilson 21 Josh Thomas 6 George Turton 21 Danny Sillitoe 12

Qualifying Round George Turton 21 Graeme Wilson 18

June 26th Qualifying Round

Sam Day v Dale Kenyon

Stuart Daniel v David Tinker

Graham Higgins v Chris Kelly

Callum Wraight v Mark Regan

Finals Day Qualifiers to date: Gary Siswick, George Turton

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