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Management Committee Thursday agenda

Winter League

The Management Committee of the Winter League doesn't meet very often, about three times a year at present, but one of those meetings is next Thursday when members will discuss a number of items.

As a League we share everything with all our member teams, we try very hard to be totally transparent in all our dealings and decisions so here we go.

We publish all our meeting minutes online for everyone to read. Do you know of any other League that is so open in sharing all their paperwork?

Among matters to be discussed at the meeting are Financial update; planning for the 2023-24 season; the draw for the Round of the Last 20 of the Winter Cup; arrangements for the Winter Cup Finals Day; Half-Year Meeting of all clubs; rule changes; End of Season Party arrangements and First Aid arrangements.

The Half-Year Meeting of Teams is scheduled for March and members will discuss the agenda for that next Thursday as well as how to manage a discussion on a proposal that a Friday Winter League be established.

So in line with all that here is the full agenda for our meeting next Thursday (23rd) along with the minutes of the previous meeting.

MCAgenda(9) 23February2023
Download PDF • 219KB

The Management Committee is made up of the three League Officials - Mike Ralph (Chairman), Jeff Jacklin (Secretary) and Bob Haigh (Treasurer) along with three Committee members - Glynis Philbin (Lindley BC). Michelle Booth (Lowerhouses) and Robert Tracey (Almondbury BC).

Each of our five host clubs are also represented on the Management Committee and their contribution is vitally important because practically every decision taken impacts on the host clubs. The current representatives are - Jim Baxter (Milnsbridge), John Pix (Springwood), Alan Hobson (Thorpe Green), Martin Holt (Lindley Lib) and Ray Tunnacliffe (Netherton Con).

We will of course be adding a complete version of the meeting minutes to our website record of meetings here in due course to add to previous meeting records.

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