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Management Committee Meeting Record

Winter League

Report on the Winter League's Management Committee meeting held on 29 November

Not many (if any) leagues publish the minutes of their Management Committee or General meetings but the Winter League does (back issues here). It is the club's League, not the Management Committees, and we are accountable to the clubs and teams we serve and have decided to be totally transparent about all the work and decisions taken.

The latest meeting of the Management Committee was held on Tuesday 29 November and here are the headlines of that meeting

  • First impressions from the 2 new host clubs

  • Winter Cup format to be same as last year

  • Winter Cup Final to be played at Springwood

  • Guest Bowler rule reviewed

  • New trophies sponsored for Division 4 & 5 Top Bowlers

  • Change in trophies to be given to team winners

  • Two new schemes to improve greenside information to matchday spectators

  • Clubs to be asked to improve 'measuring service'

  • League to host an end-of-season Presentation Event?

The full official record of that meeting is available to everyone now through this link.

Jeff Jacklin


Huddersfield Winter League

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