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Looks like we can bowl again

Winter League

Yesterday's statement from the Prime Minister paved the way to resuming outdoor sports from Thursday 3 December following the lifting of the Lockdown2 restrictions.

That being the case the Winter League fixture programme opens again from Thursday 3 December with a full set of fixtures at both greens as detailed on our Bowlsnet pages. All matches will start at 12noon as we begin a catch-up exercise by playing twice a week to include the postponed matches over the next four weeks of competition.

Kirklees remains in Tier 3 at present and the revised checklist for Tier 3 areas is below with the reference to organised outdoor sports circled. I am grateful to Bob Haigh in pointing out that bowlers should also look at the adjacent section on 'Travelling'. This guidance indicates that you should 'avoid car sharing with those outside of your household or support bubble'. Regardless of this bowlers are reminded that only 2 parking spaces per team are available at Springwood although free parking is provided on the public car park opposite the Leisure Centre.

At the foot of this page is a simple side-by-side main points comparison of the 3-Tier levels with the changes from the previous pre-lockdown model highlighted in red.

The 3-Tier structure in effect from 3 December 2020 with the changes introduced highlighted in red.

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Nov 24, 2020

Thanks for the prompt up to date info.

So, all that needs to happen is good weather next week and succeeding weeks.

Philip of Lindley

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