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Lockdown 3

Winter League

The announcement last night of a third national lockdown would have stopped our Winter League season if we hadn't already pre-empted it by suspending our remaining fixture programme over the weekend.

Ironically the round of fixtures that were scheduled for today was the original opening day set of matches that were all postponed because of both greens being underwater. It just seems sometimes that things are not meant to work in our favour.

Let's all hope that we are in a better situation in a few weeks time when we can look again at restarting and completing our season.

Just a reminder that we haven't given up on our inaugural season and as long as we can restart by mid-March we should be able to complete the full round of fixtures and complete the play-off matches. Those play-off matches will feature all 14 teams in the League with teams playing their equivalent opponent from the other division. So the two teams finishing top of their divisions will play-off against each other as will the two runners-up etc. The only difference being that the top two will play-off for the title of League Champions and be awarded the Founders Cup. The play-offs will feature 'Home & Away' legs with the aggregate total determining the winners.

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