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Kirkheaton Con '64 Finals Day

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The last 16 will be lining up this Saturday to determine the 2022 Winner of the Kirkheaton Con 64 who will take home the £800 top prize. Hopes are high that defending Champion Callum Wraight will have recovered from his ankle injury to enable him to line up for a 4.30pm start and possibly become the first bowler to successfully defend his title. Callum is one of two former winners in the field, the other being the 2018 Champion Ashley Daykin.


2021 – Callum Wraight bt Simon Coupe 21-17

2020 – Chris Mordue bt David May 21-14

2019 – Scott Fisher bt Joe Cranston 21-14

2018 – Ashley Daykin bt James Higgins 21-20

2017 – Liam Griffin bt Gareth Coates 21-20

2016 – Wayne Moseley by Harry Seehra 21-18

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