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Juniors well over 50% towards £5k target

Junior League

With just two weeks gone into the Match It appeal the figure raised is nearing £3,000. Nearly £2,000 has been raised through the Just Giving pages, and a very generous cheque from Norma Maxwell, coupled with pledges of £500 from the Foresters Friendly Society and £100 from Huddersfield & District Veterans Association the appeal is within touching distance of £3,000.

The target is £5,000 by end of January and they are nearly 60% of the way there after just 2 weeks! This is a huge vote of confidence in the Junior association team. They’ve contributed so much to bowling in the last 25 years and their 'Restart 2021' campaign can be seen as a boost to bowling in general in the Huddersfield area.

Confidence is high in securing the funds needed to start the next phase of the campaign – approaching schools and youth organisations and they would welcome any voluntary help to do so. In particular they would love to see some of their ex-junior bowlers acting as ambassadors.

All funds up to £5,000 raised before the end of January will be matched by the Kirklees One Community 'Match It' initiative. That is why it is so important to reach the full target total as the Match It scheme matches every donation £ for £.

'Restart in 2021' is a campaign to attract young bowlers to the sport after a torrid year. All the money raised through the Match It project will be used to re-energise the push to get youngsters to play crown green bowls and introduce the many benefits to a wider audience.

League Secretary, Geoff Martin, has ambitious plans to use the money raised to galvanise local junior bowling and you can read what those plans are and how you can help by following this link. The League is very grateful for every individual, club and league that continues to support this venture which will set the league up with the best possible chance of extending its numbers and helping to secure the future of bowling in Huddersfield.

The fund is now approaching the £3,000 milestone including these donations from Huddersfield organisations:

Skelmanthorpe Central BC £50 Huddersfield Recreation Club £100

Kirkheaton Cons £250

Outlane BC £50 Hemplow BC £50

Crosland Moor £100

Huddersfield Veterans League £100

Fox Bowls £100

Foresters Friendly Society £500

You too can contribute to that total. Donate Now

PrintPod have also pledged to print de-luxe scorecards for the junior league branded for the Foresters and Junior League.

We are pleased to add the Junior League to HuddWeb and support their campaign to raise £10,000 for junior bowling in Huddersfield. Is your League on HuddWeb? Maybe you would like to draw the benefits of being part of the local bowling community's internet presence to your League Officials. Full details

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Dec 22, 2020

Excellent news for a good cause

Philip of Lindley

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