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It is 'Ladies Week' on HuddWeb

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It is Mother's Day today and in recognition of that we have a week of All Our Yesterday memories from Ladies competitions lined up for the coming 7 days. That starts this afternoon with a report on the Ladies Merit Final from 2000 played at Lockwood Park. If you have a memory from a years-gone-by ladies competition that you would like to revive then we will be delighted to hear from you especially if a photo accompanies that memory. Contact Us

These are difficult times for bowling clubs with the anticipated drop in club members because of the pandemic and a year of no new recruits something needs to change this massive setback. We start by looking at what clubs can do to reverse the trend with a series of postings of self-help for clubs over the coming week.

Time for another quick poll where your views are asked on the worthiness of the Yorkshire CCGBA and what you think they should be doing for bowling.

We've already shared the starting dates of 5 local leagues and if any more confirm when their fixtures will begin then you will read it here first and hopefully, the guidance for clubs aiming to reopen their facilities will become available from the BCGBA.

Coming up this week on HuddWeb

  • We have a new poll starting tomorrow which is open to all to vote on. This asks the question 'Is the YCCGBA fit for purpose?' Your anonymous vote counts

  • Self-Help sessions for your club in facing up to the reality of what post-pandemic life is likely to be about

  • We continue to dive into the history books to share some stories from All Our Yesterdays and this week is Ladies Week on HuddWeb

  • Sharing the 2021 season start dates for local leagues as they are announced

  • We are still hoping to have some news on the BCGBA guidance to clubs on what they need to complete to enable their greens and clubhouses to reopen this season. With just 2 weeks before the 29 March resumption date surely this guidance can't be much longer in appearing.

Lots more news that we don't yet know about and you can always share your news with us through our Contact Form.

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