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Indoor Short-Mat winter bowling

Club News

Thank you to Alan Starkey for sending me information about the short-mat bowling being enjoyed by members of the Meltham Veterans League 6-man team. Regular sessions in the basement at the Meltham Sports Complex keeps members' eyes sharp and arms functional. Alan sent me a short video which I cannot load onto the website but below is a still from the video to give you an idea of what is involved.

A wooden obstacle placed in the centre and covering a third of the width of the mat is there to prevent bowlers firing. Alan is aware of at least two more short-mat sessions being held at other clubs - Thongsbridge and Huddersfield RUFC. I was also able to let him know that regular sessions have now been started upstairs in the function room at the Kirkheaton Conservative Club. If there are more teams trying this stay-warm-and-dry format then let me know at Maybe there are sufficient teams that might even want to form a league!!

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