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I tried to take some photos on Monday but ...

Winter League

I went to watch the matches at Lindley Lib and Thorpe Green on Monday and to take some more photographs for the website's records but it was a little misty.

I started at Lindley Lib where the Division 4 matches were being played but it was difficult for the players to even see the opposite corners never mind play to them. So I moved on to the higher green at Thorpe Green where I was surprised to find things were a little clearer. However that didn't last long and by the close of play things were just as bad.

So a reduced number of photos just to show how bad it was and good luck in recognising any of the bowlers in action. Having said that it wasn't cold and there was no wind at all so the bowlers were pretty relaxed about the conditions and just got on with their bowling.

I did manage to capture one more team photo and that is of the Milnsbridge B team.

The last six photos in the Thorpe Green album come courtesy of Mike Ralph and these are all earlier shots before I got there when the mist doesn't seem to have been so dense.

Full match reports to follow.

Lindley Liberal Club

Thorpe Green B&SC

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