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Hot air at Kirkheaton Cons

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Three short videos on the compressed air service for bowling greens offered by Bancrofts which has proven to improve greens considerably. Kirkheaton Cons green had the treatment yesterday after the Bancroft team had already completed the same work at Milnsbridge BC and Springwood in the morning.

The first video shows the problem of getting the kit onto the green. 'You were not supposed to blow the bloody doors off!'. Video 2 shows them actually landing on the green and the third video shows both devices finally doing their magic.

Air2G2 is a self-propelled hydrostatic drive, three probe air injection machine. The probe injects compressed air directly into the soil profile at set levels. Air is injected at two stages, firstly at six inches which breaks up the compaction layer the second air injection takes place at up to twelve inches below the surface.

The double blast air injection covers a horizontal area of five feet providing extensive areation allowing a swift application of the machine across the playing surface. You can read more about this at Air2G2

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