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Grassroots appeal for energy relief

Bowling News

There is growing concern nationally about the impact on sporting facilities, including crown green bowling, that will follow the ending of financial support to sports organisations in paying their energy bills. The current support provided by the energy relief funding ceasing at the end of this month has triggered alarm among sporting bodies about the potential impact on all sports.

You don't have to travel far to learn of huge power bills and I know of one bowling club where they are looking at a six-fold increase in their energy bills. Last year they paid £3,000 for their gas and electricity supplies. This year at the present rate of usage they are looking at an £18,000 bill. How can clubs afford such an increase? OK it is winter at present and the demand increases but many of the clubs are not even open for much of the winter months. If you have any stories about such increases in your club's supply costs then let us know.

A letter has been sent to the Prime Minister with over 200 sporting bodies and individuals laying out the dangers and consequences of allowing this support fund to lapse. A short report on the thinking on this along with a copy of the formal letter to the Prime Minister are all below.

Leading bodies for health, sport, fitness and leisure urge Prime Minister to intervene as grassroots facilities face ‘final straw’ if energy relief ends

A coalition of more than 200 bodies and individuals* from the worlds of health, sport, recreation, and leisure has written to the Prime Minister with an urgent plea for greater support for grassroots facilities and clubs amid the ongoing energy crisis. The Sport and Recreation Alliance, alongside sector partners, has played a leading role in co-ordinating the letter. It builds on the Alliance’s consistent message to Government over a number of weeks, urging it not to take sport and recreation in this country for granted and provide additional support as part of the Energy Bills Discount Scheme. With energy costs relief for the UK’s swimming pools, leisure centres, community facilities, and gyms ending on 31 March, thousands of facilities and clubs are at risk of permanent closure or reduced services, as public and private sector organisations of all sizes face unprecedented financial challenges with bills remaining up to 200% higher than normal. The signatories of the letter include a significant number of Alliance members, and range from major health bodies to sport’s national governing bodies, and the nation’s biggest fitness and leisure groups. Athletes such as Rebecca Adlington and celebrities including Davina McCall have also added their support.

The letter to the Prime Minister

LetterToPM March2023
Download PDF • 139KB

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