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Free First Aid courses for bowlers

Bowling News:

Over the past few years I have arranged a series of free general first aid courses for bowlers. They have always been well supported and valued by attendees who go away with life-saving skills. These courses have been provided completely free of charge by the British Red Cross.

These courses came about following a life-saving response from John Pix in 2016 who bowled for the Canalside Veterans team at that time. His action saved the life of an opponent on the green and triggered a wave of interest in acquiring such skills.

Obviously there is no opportunity for such gatherings at present but the British Red Cross are countering that by organising some online training sessions. These typically use the free-for-all Zoom platform which many people have become familiar with using over the past year.

The British Red Cross currently offer four training courses covering various topics and skills including the emergency life-saving skills which are always well subscribed. In addition there are two other courses specifically related to the pandemic. One about preparing yourself for a return to normality and another about tackling loneliness. The fourth session is a weekly informal online session where visitors chat and share experiences and learn new skills.

The four sessions are:

  • Adapt & recover from adversity: reflect on how the Pandemic has impacted on you, and learn skills to help yourself and others adapt to returning to normality.

  • First aid: learn essential, life-saving skills to help in an emergency.

  • Tackling loneliness digitally: during this time, many more of us are feeling lonely and isolated. This workshop provides the opportunity to speak openly about how it might feel to be lonely or isolated and learn skills to help others who may be suffering.

  • Tea, learn and connect: an informal session which takes place every Wednesday on Zoom. A safe space for adults to see familiar faces, chat with others and learn new things. Available for individual bookings only.

More details are available on the completely free adult online training courses here

More information on helping someone suffering from Coronavirus is here

Learn how to acquire skills to address the most common emergency situations here

If anyone does sign up for any of these courses then I would appreciate some feedback to share with other potential users of the service.

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