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Final chance to vote for new League logo

Winter League

The online poll to identify the new League logo is only open until 2pm tomorrow (Monday) then we will know the design of our preferred model from the two still in contention. A lot of votes have already been cast and this is your final call to add your preference to the decision making process.

Following the recent poll among Winter League bowlers I indicated that a local bowler/printer had offered the services of a professional graphic designer to tweak our winning logo. I am grateful to PrintPod and Richard Haigh of Solo & Jones for their input. The fruits of their expertise are below on the right. The version you voted as your top choice from the six shortlisted logos is also included below on the left.


Just cast your vote for which you find the best-suited logo for our bowling league. Complete the form below and we ask for your name and club as the poll is only open to Winter League bowlers.

Poll closes at 2pm Monday.

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