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Fantasy League update

Well Bowled Fantasy League

A fragmented fixture programme over the past week with no Division 4 or 5 results to add to the totals. So here is what it is!

Hazel Rangeley continues to set the pace and has extended her lead from 3 points to nine this week and there is no change in the running order among the top four teams.

Just for newbies, this is a free-to-enter (but you are too late for this Winter version) competition where entrants select one team in each of the 5 divisions of the Huddersfield Winter League. Every point their selected teams win gets added to the entrants' Fantasy League entry. Most points at the end of the season wins.

We are once again grateful to Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot for sponsoring this competition and the prizes are all paid out in vouchers to spend with our sponsor. Winner: £40 Runner-Up: £20 Third Place: £10

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