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Well Bowled Fantasy League

The Veterans League season is now well underway and tomorrow we will publish the first Fantasy League table of the season but today we give you a little bit of a taster as to which teams are being backed by you, the punters.

Remember we have £310 to give away in cash and Well Bowled voucher prizes which includes a new monthly prize based solely on points gained by your selections in each calendar month. More of that later but today we list all the preferred selections from the 62 entrants to the 2022 competition. These show the top 3 selections in each of the 8 divisions.

As we say tomorrow we intend publishing the first league table of the season. Don't forget at the end of every month you get the option to substitute one of your selected teams with an alternative team from the same division and you may have already decided on that after two weeks of results.

We also include a copy of everyone's entry in this attached file so that you can look again at your selections and see where they feature among the top three selections but more importantly how each of your teams have started the season.

Download PDF • 47KB

TOP 3 FANTASY LEAGUE SELECTIONS IN EACH DIVISION (62 entrants) Once again this year Lockwood Con A is the most popular selection in any division with 30 of the 62 entries picking them as their Division 1 choice. Then down into Division 3 of the 6-Man League to find the next most popular selection which is Golcar Lib B with 27 votes. Is your team one of the most popular selections? Have you started the season justifying that status? Are you thinking of substituting your team at the end of the month?

10-Man Division 1 30 - Lockwood Con A 19 - Elland C&BC A 6 - Longwood

10-Man Division 2

24 - New Mill A

14 - Thongsbridge A

6 - Slaithwaite

​10-Man Division 3

23 - Golcar Lib B

11 - Linthwaite Hall

6 - Holmfirth A

10-Man Division 4

16 - Lindley BC B

14 - Outlane

12 - Elland C&BC B

10-Man Division 5

22 - Marsh Lib

17 - Kirkheaton Con B

11 - Dalton

6-Man Division 1

18 - Lockwood Con

15 - Shepley A

10 - Thongsbridge B

6-Man Division 2

23 - Slaithwaite

12 - New Mill

5 - Marsh United A

5 - Clayton West

6-Man Division 3

27 - Golcar Lib

14 - Hemplow

6 - Almondbury Lib

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