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Fantasy League Tie-Breaker replay

Well Bowled Fantasy League

Each month we give away a £10 cash prize to the Fantasy League entrant who matches their monthly Tie-Breaker selection to the number of points gained in the past month by a selected Division leader.

This month it is the turn of the 10-Man Division 2 leader (next month it will be Division 3) to set the marker for the Tie-Breaker Tenner. That is Milnsbridge and at the end of April they had 24 points. At the end of May they had a total of 52 points so making their target total of 28 points they gained during the past calendar month.

Ironically that total of 28 points is identical to the April total so the same 7 bowlers have matched that total again. Last month John Allen of Lindley BC had his name drawn out of the hat to claim the £10 cash prize. I've now just written a new rule (cos I can) that previous Tie-Breaker Tenner winners cannot win a 2nd draw unless they are the only entry with that total. Sorry John but that means you are excluded from this month's draw with the following six names going into the hat:

  • Robert Tracey (Almondbury BC)

  • David Sykes (Brockholes)

  • Brian Parker (Kirkheaton Con)

  • Barry Gibson (Meltham)

  • Jeff Smith (Meltham)

  • Graham Hall (Rastrick)

The draw being made and overseen by Richard Armitage (Thongsbridge) and Allan Dobson (Kirkheaton C&BC) yesterday at a Kirkheaton hostelry and that resulted in Brian Parker's name being pulled out of the hat and so Brian wins this month's £10 cash prize. Another tenner to be won next month for the person picking the same number of points in June as those acquired by the team at the top of Division 3 of the 10-Man League. If more than one entrant has the same winning total then all the names go in the hat for another random draw.

Shortly we will be announcing the winner of the May Manager of the Month who will win a £20 Well Bowled Sales Voucher for gaining the most points during the calendar month of May from their selected teams.


MANAGER of the MONTH £20



to follow

Brian Parker (Kirkheaton Con)


John Pix (Springwood)

John Allen (Lindley BC)

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