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Fantasy League Manager of the Month

Well Bowled Fantasy League

John Pix of Springwood continues to show the way in the first month of the Fantasy League season and with a 10-point lead is favourite to claim the first Manager of the Month award which will be a £20 Voucher to spend with competition sponsor Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot your prime supplier of everything associated with crown green and lawn bowling.

In addition, all the entrants that have selected the Monthly Tie-Breaker score that matches the points accumulated by the 10-Man League Division 1 leader during April will all go into the hat for a £10 cash prize draw. At present the two leading teams are both on 21 points so if your Tie-Breaker guess is above 30 then you are already out of the running for the April prize. But don't fret you will be back in contention for the May prize as all scores return to zero.


From Wednesday this week you can start thinking about swapping out one of your under-performing teams and replacing them with a standout performer. The transfer market opens after Tuesday's matches when you have 5 days to make one change to your line-up before the start of the May fixture programme. You are allowed to drop one of your 8 teams and replace them with an alternative selection from the same division. Your current selections are listed at the foot of this posting. Full instructions online on Wednesday.

Below is the list of all the entrant's beginning of season selections for the five 10-man leagues.

Scroll down for the selections for the 6-man leagues along with the Tie-Breaker guesses. All the selections are in the entrant's club alphabetic order.



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