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There is just another week to go before we can name the May Manager of the Month and reward them with the £20 Well Bowled Sales Voucher. That will go to the Manager collecting the most points over the past month.

In addition we have £10 cash to give to the winner of the 'Tie-Breaker Tenner'. All the entrants that have correctly selected the number of points to be won in May by the team at the top of the 10-man Division 2 table at the end of the month go into the draw.

Then the next Transfer Window opens next Wednesday after all the results have been entered. You are allowed to select one of your 8 teams and replace them with any team from the same division. If you have one underperforming team then see if you think you could do better with a change of team.

Last month John Pix of Springwood won the £20 Well Bowled Sales Voucher by collecting more points with his 8 selected teams than anyone else. Things have gone pear-shaped for John since then and he is very unlikely to win this prize for a second time this month.

John Allen of Lindley BC collected the £10 cash prize as his name came out of the hat from 7 names entered who all had the same Tie-Breaker score of 28 as their guess at how many points the 10-man Division 1 leader would collect in April. Every entrant is automatically entered after selecting their Monthly Tie-Breaker score with their original entry.

The full season-long competition rumbles on with the end of season winner collecting the £100 prize and there are prizes also for the 2nd and 3rd placed entrants as per below.


Season-long Competition

Winner - £50 cash + £50 Well Bowled voucher

Runner-up - £20 Well Bowled voucher

3rd Place - £10 Well Bowled voucher

This week in the Fantasy League ...

  • Jeff Smith continues to lead the full season-long competition with a 3-point lead

  • Three top 10 teams from last week are all sharing 20th place this week

  • There are 4 new entries in the top 10 with Tim Poulter being the best of those

  • Pat Wright up 22 places from 35th to 13th is the biggest riser of the week

  • Helen Lambert up 20 places from 31st to 11th is the 2nd biggest riser of the week

  • The biggest tumbler this week is Mike Ralph who dropped 19 places (20th to 39th)

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