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Dougie Mellor Mirfield Pairs Finals Day

League News

D V Mellor Mirfield Pairs Final 16 @ Almondbury Lib

Sunday 17th September 10.30 start

Chris Davies & Andrew Sykes v Mark Goodall & Phil Smith

Mike Sweeney & Stuart King v Will Bedford & Ben Falkingham

Wayne Moseley & Terry Brook v Joseph Cranston & Ben Sweeney

Danny Towning & David Tinker v Daniel Beeby & James Martin*

Harry Lumb & Tom Gledhill v Mark Taylor & Ira Jeffers

Andrew Martinho & Manuel Martinho v Nathan Haigh & Steven Haigh

Josh Mordue & James Hanson v Kez Smith & Liam Griffin

Alex Wolfenden & Tom Hanson* v Andrew Heaume & Neil Slattery*

BCGBA Dress Code applies

Scratch when called

* Home pairings give 3-2-1

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