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Dougie Hewat R.I.P.

It is with a sad heart that I have to inform you all of the death of our club Secretary and long time bowler. Dougie Hewat lost his life to covid after being in hospital for some time. He had played for Rastrick for most, if not all, his bowling career. Our condolences and best wishes go to his wife Margaret and all his family.

Graham Hall

Rastrick B.C.

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Thanks for your comments Bob.


I played my first ever competitive bowls match against Dougie at Rastrick, he knew I was new to the game and was helpful and encouraging throughout and needless to say he beat me comfortably, but made my first game a pleasant and enjoyable experience. RIP Dougie you will be missed.


Thanks for your comments


Dec 22, 2020

Graham, I remember Dougie as a friendly guy with a nice sense of humour when Lindley played at Rastrick, Just a decent person making us welcome at his Club. Its just another reminder to all of us of Dougie’s age to be forever careful in this difficult time. Kindest wishes to his family.

Philip of Lindley

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