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Derrick Radley Cup winners

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Derrick Radley Cup

The final Yorkshire club competition of the year was decided on Saturday at Thorner BC, east of Leeds.

A keenly contested affair between the Bradford Saturday Division 2 side, Hove Edge WMC & East Coast's Borough BC of Scarborough resulted in a narrow victory for the former, 218 - 201.

Hove Edge were ahead by 13 as the first 4 jacks came off, by 17 after 8 & the last 4 maintained that difference despite a valiant win 21-7 by the Borough skipper, D.Pryce.

Hove Edge had 8 winners including their captain, Julie Mallinson (pictured accepting the trophy) & her 2 Yorkshire ladies colleagues, Chloe Hirst & Suzy Ladbrooke, who ply their trade with Lockwood Cons in the Huddersfield Ladies league.

Report from Dave Parkin

Pictures courtesy of Steve Mallinson

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