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Come and join us is the shout to all local bowling leagues with a free website offer still open until April 2021. There are many good reasons to join the surge in interest for all matters related to bowling as we head towards a New Year and hopefully a new beginning for our leagues and bowling in general after a disastrous 2020.

We need to recharge the batteries, rekindle the interest in our sport among the bowling community and reverse the downward trend of team numbers that has prevailed over recent years. We cannot just sit back and oversee the demise of our sport. We have a responsibility to regenerate the interest of all and get Huddersfield back bowling again. A brand new website for your league can be just one of a number of initiatives to spark that interest.

After the first 18 days of the HuddWeb Bowling Portal going live and the month-end just past we can tell you that we had 3,326 visitors over that period which equates to a daily average of 185 visitors. Don't forget we haven't got a lot of bowling to report on yet so we would expect those figures to double once the summer season starts. These are your bowlers, communicate with them. You control the content that goes on to the website. We will look to boost those numbers even higher and after discussions with another local league we hope to have good news on that front before Christmas.

It is a no-risk situation for any league so why wouldn't you want to give it a go? All the development work and content added free of charge and then you can decide next April if it is something you want to continue with or not. No obligation whatsoever. 'Cheap as Chips' annual fee if you decide to continue after April. Start here and then Contact Us to get the full details.

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