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Club News: Milnsbridge BC

Club News Milnsbridge BC

Thank you to Jim Baxter and Barbara Peacock for these photographs upon the completion of the work to provide artificial grass surrounds to the Milnsbridge BC green.

Jim added these words ....

A few more images of the mainly completed work we have been doing around our green.

The artificial grass is now in place covering the gutter and sleepers. Some traditionalists may miss the white surround but yearly painting and repairs could be a thing of the past.

I would like to give a big thank you to all the club members who have given their time and labour to complete the repairs and improvements. There are too many to mention individually but they will know who they are.

As with I suspect most clubs it’s down to a small dedicated group to get things done. There always seems to be no shortage of bowlers saying what should be done and needs doing but are nowhere to be seen when the work starts.

I would like to wish all our teams a good and enjoyable summer bowling season.

Regards Jim Baxter, Club President

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