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Castleford do their own thing

Veterans League

The Veterans Inter-District competition is building to a climax with one more round of fixtures on Friday 1 September. At least four teams have a realistic chance of lifting the trophy with one match to be played.

I am eventually able to post the complete updated league table and full set of Friday's results following Castleford inputting their home team match result onto the Bowlsnet system.

RESULTS Friday 11 August

Wakefield 16-40 Leeds

Huddersfield 26-30 Bradford

Halifax 33-23 West Riding

Skipton 23-33 Castleford



Friday 1 September

Castleford v Wakefield

Bradford v Leeds West Riding v Skipton

Huddersfield v Halifax

The Inter-District League rules state:

The result of the match is to be uploaded to by midnight of the day following the match.

The home team are responsible for inputting the match result. Castleford have ignored that deadline all season for every match usually inputting their home result on the following Sunday or Monday where the League deadline is midnight on Saturday. This week was no different with last Friday's result added on Sunday afternoon. You would have thought that they might have been keener to publicise their first win of the season wouldn't you? (just asking for a friend!)

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