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Callum Wraight wins Kirkheaton Con 64 again

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All-England Merit Champion 2022, Callum Wraight, successfully defended the title he won in 2021 as the Kirkheaton Con 64 Champion on Saturday evening. The winner started out as the 9/4 favourite to lift the trophy and he didn't let his supporters down with the closest score being 13. Mark Hughes came through the top half of the draw to reach the final as an opening 12/1 chance so good each way odds. Callum becomes the first bowler to win the competition for a second time. All the match details are below.

Kirkheaton Con 64 - FINAL 2022 Saturday 10th September

********************************** Last 16 - £50

Tom Lawrence 21-8 Dave Fisher Gareth Coates 21-10 Nathan Haigh James Higgins 21-12 Robert Hitchen Ryan Clarke 16-21 Mark Hughes Ashley Daykin 21-10 Nicky White Dan Petcher 21-14 Chris Bly AJ Walker 11-21 Callum Wraight Andy Jones 14-21 Chris Ellis

********************************** Last 8 - £100

Tom Lawrence 21-10 Gareth Coates James Higgins 12-21 Mark Hughes Ashley Daykin 17-21 Dan Petcher Callum Wraight 21-8 Chris Ellis

********************************** Semi-Final - £200

Tom Lawrence 20-21 Mark Hughes Dan Petcher 13-21 Callum Wraight

********************************** Final - £400 & £800

Mark Hughes 12-21 Callum Wraight



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