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Callum Wraight's wonderful weekend

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Bowling News

Shrewsbury bowler Callum Wraight just keeps on winning but even by his standards he has had quite a weekend by winning two major tournaments and losing out in the quarter-finals of another one.

Lindley BC 2600 Friday 29 July Lost to 11-21 to Wayne Moseley in the quarter-finals

All-England Senior Merit

Saturday 30 July at Hawcoat Bowling Club in Cumbria Beat Gary Owen of The Potteries 21-9 in the Final

Richmond Classic Sunday 31 July Beat Darren Plenderleith of Tamworth 21-17 in the Final

Later this month we look forward to seeing Callum defend his Kirkheaton Con '64 title and maybe see him at some more local competitions before the end of the season.

The photographs are from Saturday's All-England Senior Merit in Barrow in Furnace

It is worth repeating the article contributed by Jim Baxter which appeared on this website just prior to the weekend's achievements.

I have seen from your post that Callum Wraight is included in the Lindley BC 2600 Finals Day and at the moment is the favourite to win the competition. I would urge anyone interested in bowling who has not seen Callum bowl to go to this final.

When I have seen this talented but fearsome bowler in action on the Isle of Man this June and last year it was crown green bowling on a completely different level. I don’t know Callum personally and I am sure he is a pleasant person off the green. But on the green he can strike fear and loss of confidence in his opponent.

When he decides to strike everyone must clear the area as his wood hurtles towards the target at enormous speeds across the green. He rarely misses scattering jack and woods into or over the green edge. Callum is a big bloke and towers above most. If crown green bowling was a televised sort such as tennis, snooker or football he would be box office with sponsors lining up to offer him deals.

No doubt top quality county bowlers including Yorkshire's Jack Dyson who know Callum well can handle and counter his game. In fact when I have seen Jack bowling for Yorkshire in county matches he remains calm and cool even when the volume of the crowd is at its loudest.

Most of us will never be anywhere near the standard of these bowlers but for all who are interested in bowling these merit finals are a great watch.

Jim Baxter, Milnsbridge BC

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