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Bowl & Jack refurbishment

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Bowling News

The BCGBA competition rules state that jacks should be tested and date stamped every 7 years. The northern approved testing centre is at Premier Bowls in Stockport. Well Bowled of Luddendenfoot provide a full service for local clubs and individuals with a delivery and collection service of jacks and bowls. Here are the details of the service:

*** Bowl & Jack refurbishment, repair and testing ***

For many bowlers the 2021 Crown Green season has ended (although some hardy types will continue through the winter months!) so it is now an ideal time to ensure your bowls will be at their best when play commences again next year.

Saturday 27th November 2021 we'll once again be taking Crown Green Bowls for refurbishment, repair, relacquering, testing and Jacks for testing and stamping to Premier Bowls in Stockport. And every last Saturday each month thereafter. If you’d like us to deliver and collect yours, details can be found on our website and prices here

We’ll continue dropping off and collecting bowls and jacks throughout winter on the last Saturday morning of each month (in December it will be the Saturday before Christmas).

As you can expect, this is a busy time of the year for Premier Bowls, and we’re not the only bowling shop offering this service. For any work it can be a minimum of 3 months for your bowls to be returned. And for major restoration work, please allow at least 4 months. The sooner you can get bowls and jacks to us the better.

Requirements for jack stamping and testing and be found at

If you have any queries, please get in touch: 01422 893351

Price List


Repolish Lignum Vitae (inc.Testing and/or Adjusting) - £45.00 per pair

Repolish Composition (inc. Testing and/or Adjusting) - £45.00 per pair

Rebuff Composition (inc. Testing and/or Adjusting) - £35.00 per pair

Complete Remodel - £80.00 per pair

Supply and Fit New Mounts (blue, green, red, white or yellow) - £6.50 per mount

Clean and Rebuff Existing Mounts - £2.00 per mount

Repolish bowls with coloured lacquer (inc. Testing and/or Adjusting) - £45.00 per pair


Test and Stamp - £6.50 each

Adjust, Stamp and Polish - £25.00 each

Adjust, Stamp and Rebuff - £25.00 each

Supply and Fit New Mounts - £6.50 each

Supply and Fit New Pips - £3.50 each


£3.50 for each mount

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Jan 04, 2022

Just collected a jack from Wellbowled. The current charge for stamping appears to have gone up from £6.50 to £7.50.

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