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Bob Swan remembers and looks ahead


The best thing about playing at Cowcliffe last Tuesday certainly wasn't the result but it was good to see Bob Swan walking around the green and catching up with many of the bowlers. Bob hasn't played for a number of years but has remained heavily involved in the Cowcliffe Veterans League team until recently passing over the captaincy and admin role to Graham Dyson.

Talking to Bob always provokes memories and his memories go back a long way as he was a long-time Committee member and official of a number of local leagues and bowling bodies. But Bob doesn't just look backwards as his thoughts are very much on the future and he makes a controversial suggestion as to the future of the Veterans League.

He dropped me an email I opened after returning home in which he reminisces on Cowcliffe teams of the past but he also added this comment about the Veterans League. 'I think that life would be a lot simpler if the six-man league was run by a separate association and possibly as a mixed Monday league.'

I added Bob's suggestion to the HuddWeb discussion board on WhatsApp and it provoked some responses from members with no one speaking in opposing the suggestion. You can join in that discussion on WhatsApp by becoming a member of the discussion board or alternatively just tell us what your thoughts are on Bob's radical suggestion.

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