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There are lots of opportunities for you to contribute to the website and become part of the HuddWeb bowler community. We have always been keen to receive stories and information about bowlers in the area and provide a full information service to, and about, bowling in Huddersfield. You are invited to be involved and become part of that bowler community.

Here are some examples:

  1. Tell us how and why you started bowling

  2. Holiday greens - share your holiday bowling photos

  3. Born to Bowl - your earliest photos of you on the green

  4. Become a Member to add your comments to any postings

  5. Tell us what you would like to see on the website in the future

  6. Got a bowling story? Funny, embarrassing? We love them all

  7. Got a bowling query? The untapped knowledge of all our readers is at hand

Contact Us with any contribution or suggestions you would like to make.

We will be taking that one step further with an announcement very soon about two new features to be added to HuddWeb. Club News and League News will become part of the HuddWeb menu in the future. Keep coming back to learn what that will mean to you.

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