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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Bowling News

Continuing our welcome introduction to HuddWeb we introduce you to the idea of becoming a Portal Member. This has two major attractions explained below, is free forever and you can always withdraw your membership at any time to suit you for any reason. So to fully engage with the HuddWeb Portal you may want to think about becoming a Portal Member.

This will allow you to ....

a) Add your comments to the Homepage 'Latest News' postings whenever you wish

b) Receive an email notification every time a new posting is added to the website (you can always switch this off later if you wish).

All you have to do is go to the top of any page on the Portal and click on the green box in the top right-hand corner which says Login / Register.

Click on Register and add your name and email address - that's all. Submit that.

Due to past problems with instant sign-up I have now introduced an approval process for each new member application before you can use either of the facilities mentioned above. All I am basically doing is checking that your email address looks valid and isn't one of those used in Russia or Pakistan. This will introduce a short delay before you get confirmation of your membership with a return email.

You wouldn't believe the number of crown green bowlers there are in India, Pakistan, Russia and Rumania who wanted to sign up with previous bowling sites and then proceeded to post adverts all over the Forum discussion board. There is no Forum on this website (yet) but I am still very wary of what damage these hackers can cause. Sorry about that but it had come to the point where I was spending more time clearing up after these hackers than I was updating the site.

Hopefully the delay should be minimal especially during the lockdown period when I am allowed to do little else and, like many of you, am under house-arrest! You will receive an email confirming your membership very soon. Please be patient as the delay doesn't stop you looking around at everything else on the website.

Sorry but your previous membership with the HDVBA or Winter League websites do not carry forward to this new site. You do need to register again, sorry.

You only register once and then you can login by using the same green top right-hand box on the Homepage. If a number appears alongside the bell in that box then that means there is that number of notifications waiting for you there. Click on it to see what they all are.

Tomorrow continuing our introduction to new visitors we talk about some of the things on the site you may not have discovered yet and then go on to float some ideas of things that will/may get added in the coming weeks.

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