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As one season finishes ....

Winter League

As one season finishes another one starts as we move seamlessly from the last day of the summer leagues season to the opening day of the Winter League's second season which is next Wednesday (6 October).

The opening day just features Division 1 fixtures all to be played at Milnsbridge, the green for all Division 1 matches all season. This is the first season that teams have been placed in divisions based on their playing records and we also have the introduction of promotion and relegation with the top two and bottom two teams involved.

There are two new teams instantly elevated to the giddy heights of our top division based on expected performance levels. So welcome to Lower Hopton and the all-ladies team from New Mill, the New Millers. Lower Hopton have a first-week bye whilst the New Millers will be tested against Kirkheaton Cons who featured prominently in last year's pandemic curtailed season.

Looking at the opening fixtures we note that Clayton West headed the Springwood Division last year before the season was stopped and they will meet Lindley BC 'A' who played on the Milnsbridge green last year winning 7 of the 8 matches they played. Lowerhouses 'A' were top of the Milnsbridge Division last year when another lockdown halted the season and they will play an opening day match against Rastrick 'A' who were mid-table last season being based at Springwood. Milnsbridge 'A' did the double over Thorpe Green last year but they can expect to meet a very different team this year as Thorpe Green have expanded to have 3 teams in the league this season. Lower Hopton sit the first week out with 9 teams in each of the 3 Divisions there will always be one team in each Division on a bye.

Green availability dictates the opening rounds of all three green fixtures with Division 2 at Springwood delayed until Wednesday 20 October and Division 3 at Thorpe Green starts on Monday 11 October.

Just a reminder to teams about some of the fundamentals about the new season with a few changes from last season's arrangements.

  1. All matches right through the season start at 12noon.

  2. All fixtures are of 2 x Singles and 1 x Pairs games.

  3. Four jacks on the green at all times, one jack per fixture.

  4. The first named team in each fixture picks the game running order and starts with all 3 jacks.

  5. We expect all the four 'home' team captains to work together on the running order so that all four pairs games are not on the green at the same time.

  6. Two points are awarded for each game won and 2 points for the best aggregate total making 8 points available in each match.

  7. Bowlers can only play for one team in a season but if a bowler is registered with a team and hasn't played for them this season he can be transferred to another team at any time. Similarly, new bowlers can be registered with a team at any time during the season.

  8. All bowlers must have had their 60th birthday before they can play in the League.

  9. Spectators are welcome at all our matches.

  10. Reminder to all teams that the £10 per team green fee should be paid to the host club prior to the start of play. This also includes a raffle ticket per bowler plus refreshments.


Lower Hopton have a Week 1 bye

Division 2 starts on Wednesday 20 October at Springwood

Division 3 starts on Monday 11 October at Thorpe Green

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