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Answers to the club roller challenge

Updated: May 26, 2023


Well done to John Hodgson of Shepley who managed to name two of the three clubs from our latest challenge to name the retirement homes of these three rollers. They are A - Lockwood Con B - Netherton Con C - Bradley & Colne

Thank you to Geoff Dyson for the Netherton Cons photo and to David Catherine for the Bradley & Colne one. The Lockwood Con version came from my photo archives. Another roller challenge coming up soon.

If you have a redundant unloved (or even loved) club roller around your green then I would appreciate receiving a photo of it to include in a future challenge. If you can also capture a little of the surrounds as well to give a clue to the location that would be great as well.

Another Name the Club Roller coming up soon.

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