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Answers to Name the Team, Bowlers & Year No.3


We challenged all-comers to identify from this photograph what team this is, how many of the 16 individuals can you name and the year the photo was taken.

Two best responses came from Alan Crowther and Martin Holt with Alan getting 14 correct names and Martin 13. All the answers are beneath the photograph. Alan also identified the Yorkshire 'Home' team whilst Martin correctly identified the Yorkshire team but not 'Home' team. Neither got the year right. No prizes but hope it tested a few of you. Another challenge coming up soon.

This was the Yorkshire County Senior home team pictured in 2001 and the team was:

Left to Right (back row): David Harrison (manager), Paul Sigsworth, Peter Kain, Paul Ingleby, Mick Cox, Ronnie Wormold, Ashley Crowther (later to be renamed as Ashley Tattersley), David Armitage, Andrew Sykes, Phil Sykes, Peter Shaw (front row): Steven Hirst, Richard Bentley, Ashley Daykin, Mike Smith, Hedley Kettlewell

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