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Another new team applies

Winter League

Golcar Cricket & Bowling Club is the latest team to join the waiting list to join the League for the 2022-23 season taking the total to eight new teams now applying to join us next season.

Assuming that all 27 of our current league teams continue with their membership next season that will mean we have 35 teams to accommodate next year and there is still 6 months to the July deadline for applications. That means we will be able to add at least one more division to our structure and two more team applications will take us past the 36 team mark that constitutes a need for a 5th division.

All this can only come about if we have sufficient greens to host a division's full fixture programme from October to mid-February and we are hopeful that discussions with local clubs will produce as many greens as we need for the 2022-23 season. Our existing three greens are all doing a wonderful job supporting the league and making matchdays a most enjoyable experience. There is also the financial incentive which will see each of those clubs benefit by around £2,000 for the use of their green and support services needed to host our league through an 18-week season.

Any club interested in forming a four-man team to play in the Winter League or interested in providing a host green for next year should make contact to learn the full details to enable you to make your mind up whether winter bowling is for you or not. We believe, and the evidence certainly supports this belief, that the demand for winter bowling continues to grow and is one way that we can all counter the damage that COVID has done to our sport and our lives over the past 2 years. Contact Jeff Jacklin at for more details on either applying to join the league or learning what hosting is all about.

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Jan 12, 2022

Obviously a market has been uncovered for winter bowling. Just hope greens can be found for the new teams.

Philip of Lindley

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