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Another League down in numbers

Ladies Afternoon League

The Huddersfield Ladies Afternoon League is the latest local league to publish their 2021 fixtures on Bowlsnet. Their season starts on Wednesday 19 May and runs through to the middle of September.

The fixture list reveals another drop in numbers having lost just one team from 2019 taking the total down to 47 teams in total. I am sure that someone will let me know which team it is that has dropped out but only losing one (-2.1%) has to be seen as a success this year I am afraid.

I've updated the overall listing of 16 local leagues below and we will continue to update this record as the leagues publish their fixture programmes.

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Grasshoppers withdrawn from the League - no idea which green that is. Paddock C & B not playing but just for this year - well that's really good news as it's always a pleasure to be there.

The fact that the eam format has been reduced from 8 to 6 players for this year only, seems to have paid dividends in maintaining teams in the League. 6 singles now, no pairs. Some players will be disappointed but you can't win them all can you!

Hazel Rangeley

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