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Another drawn Division 3 match

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Winter League

Division 3 is the place to go if you want to see close matches and a greater chance of a drawn encounter. This week saw the 7th drawn Division 3 match of the season. Compare that with only three in Division 1 and one solitary drawn match in 32 matches to date in Division 2. The latest Division 3 drawn match didn't feature Dalton for a change but the 4-4 outcome saw Rastrick 'A' (for the second consecutive week) and leaders Thorpe Green 'C' share the spoils.

Thorpe Green appeared to be heading for a defeat after losing the first two Singles games and 13 points behind on aggregate but their Pairs came good registering a 21-4 win to share the points. That allowed the Thorpe Green 'C' team to retain top spot ahead of Lindley BC 'B' who were without a match this week and now sit 6 points behind the leaders with a match in hand.

Huddersfield Recreation Club were delighted to win their second match of the season with an excellent 6-2 victory over Milnsbridge 'B' but remain second from bottom. Springwood 'B' retain bottom place despite a spirited display against Brockholes before going down 2-6 and with a 56-59 aggregate reversal that indicates the closer nature of the match.

Dalton ended their run of three consecutive drawn matches with a good 6-2 win over Lowerhouses 'B' which saw them leapfrog their opponents into sixth position. Very little movement in the table this week but that could be just a quiet spell before major changes start to take place with teams closely bunched and a couple of good wins by most teams would change the landscape entirely.

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