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We continue the drip-feeding of past issues of the Veterans League newsletter on to the website with today's addition of the months July to December 2019. The production of these monthly issues was halted in 2020 with the final month being July 2020. The final 7 issues will be added shortly but for now we are pleased to make available six more issues as detailed below.

July 2019 (11 pages): The Canalside bowling green is closed; the Inter-District team is in 3rd place with two games to play; team-by-team half-year review

August 2019 (11 pages): Rose Bowl report; Inter-District goes to final day with our team in 2nd spot; 6-Man League team-by-team half-term review

September 2019 (10 pages): Closest ever finish to Inter-District season sees our team crowned as Champions; reports on several individual and team competitions; proposed new rules.

October 2019 (11 pages): Lockwood Con are Section 1 Champions for record breaking 6th consecutive season; reports on a number of team and individual KO competitions

November 2019 (13 pages): Frank Greenwood gets Lifetime Achievement Award; name change and new home for Canalside; Half-Year Meeting report and latest on Winter League

December 2019 (8 pages): End of season team-by-team review of 6-Man League; plans for Anniversary Launch event at Meltham; three vacancies on Management Committee


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